Introducing Our New Insulation Division!

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Introducing Our New Insulation Division!


Energy Saving Pros is not just a PV solar company. We believe that a home needs to be looked at as a whole to determine the most cost-effective and beneficial strategies for improving energy efficiency. Therefore, we have expanded to offer several different lines of energy saving products to our customers. We take the time to see how we can save each customer BIG on their utility bills in every possible way by performing a thorough energy audit, including determining if upgrading insulation is right for them. With the temperature and airflow efficiency that our insulation products can offer, you will be on your way to lower bills and a healthier, happier home.

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Our Process

Energy Audit

The first step we take with any client is completing an energy audit on the home. An energy audit is a diagnostic test that one of our technicians performs on your home to determine its energy efficiency score. We start with state-of-the-art technology, such as a blower door test or infrared cameras. We use these tools to find areas of each home that are energy inefficient or are a source of home pollutants or allergies. After we complete the FREE assessment, we give you a list of effective ways to improve your energy and financial savings.

Blower Door

blower door test

A blower door is a powerful fan that mounts into the frame of an exterior door. The fan then pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside. The air pressure outside is higher, so it then flows into the house through all of the unsealed cracks and openings. This will show us areas that we can seal and insulate better.

Infrared Cameras

infrared camera

These cameras will show us the spectrum of temperature differences throughout your home. By viewing the hottest and coldest areas, we can collect valuable information and insight into the way the building functions.


Out with the Old – Insulation Removal

Once a customer has decided that upgrading their insulation is important, we start the process with removing all of the old insulation in the home. Although it’s not very fun to think about, the fact is that there are years and years of dust, pollutants, pollens, and even animal feces (ew!) in the majority of attics. We breathe it in each day without a second thought. Fortunately, our high-powered vacuums remove all of that old insulation that carries these dirty particles. This can do wonders for family members and guests that suffer from dust and outdoor allergies.

Air Sealing

Once your attic is all vacuumed and cleaned, we can begin the process of air sealing your attic. This will eliminate the unwanted air flow that causes your home to lose efficiency and prevents pollutants and allergens from entering in.

Radiant Reflective Barrier

The radiant barrier is a coating that is sprayed on the inside of your home which reflects 90% of the sun’s rays. This protects the indoor environment of your home by keeping the heat out, which protects the temperature of the home that your cooling system worked hard to maintain.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

polyurethane spray foam

This is one of our most revolutionary products. The polyurethane insulation is sprayed on the inside of your home (usually the attic) to provide a moisture barrier and an industry leading R-value per inch. It is an anti-microbial and incredibly long-lasting material.

Blown-in Insulation

blown in insulation

We can also help with blown insulation, which is a very common and cost-effective way to insulate your home. This cotton-like material is typically made either fiber glass or recycled materials, which is yet another green benefit to this insulation.


Meet our Insulation Team


Bob Saunders

Bob Saunders

Bob is our behind-the-scenes man for the new insulation division. He orchestrates the processes and daily procedures of the operation. He oversees the costs, the scheduling, and the labor to ensure that your new insulation is of the highest standards and that the entire process goes smoothly.

Matthew Low

Matt Low HS cropped

Matthew is our lead energy consultant of the insulation division. He works with the customer to find what their home specifically needs and the best way to provide it. His BPI (The Building Performance industry that has set the industry standard for energy efficiency work) certification is about to be complete so that he will be able to accurately and quickly measure the insulation needs of a home using infra-red cameras and other state-of-the art technology.

Thomas Maurer

Thomas is our lead insulation technician. With over ten years of experience in the insulation field, he works quickly and efficiently in your attic to install your new insulation in the most beneficial way. You won’t find a technician with more knowledge and care put into his work.


Your Next Steps

As you can see, we at Energy Saving Pros are constantly working to expand ways to help you save on energy. Our Insulation Division is now rolling and ready to help you save BIG by going green. Find out if upgrading your home’s insulation is right for you—talk to one of our reputable experts to see how we can improve your home’s efficiency and lower your utility bill. You can call us for a FREE no obligation energy audit, or you can go to and press the “Get a Free Quote” button. With our help, your family and guests could be breathing in clean air and feel comfortable in your home. We have a feeling your wallet will be happier too.


By Kayla Rabbich