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Solar Panel Installation Greater Sacramento, CA

Energy Saving Pros—Your Local Sacramento Solar Company

Tired of skyrocketing electricity bills? With Pacific Gas & Electric, energy prices have drastically increased and show no signs of slowing down. Now families throughout California are feeling the pinch.


It’s not a secret that PG&E is continuing to raise rates. In fact, they have told their customers to continue expecting more rate increases. Much of the price hikes are due to Californians using more energy than ever — a trend that will continue.


The rising cost of living is already putting a strain on households, and PG&E’s negative impact on your wallet is only adding to the problem. It’s time to take control of your energy costs — it’s time to go solar with Energy Saving Pros!


When you invest in solar energy, you’re investing in your future and community. Do you want to support a local business and save on energy bills? Energy Saving Pros is a Loomis-based company servicing Roseville, Rocklin, Greater Sacramento, and beyond. We offer solar panel installation, financing, and maintenance throughout Northern California.


We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses save money and improve their building’s energy efficiency. If you need affordable solar panel installation in Sacramento or nearby areas, let us help YOU!
Met these Guys at a trade show. Super nice people!
P Palom
P Palom
Great company - great process. They answered all my questions and solar is now up and running for summer. Mark was an awesome salesman and customer service guy all the way. Let the savings begin! Update in 2022: while my initial experience was great - their followup and service afterwards is worse than bad. They ignored me, didn’t return my calls, wouldn’t answer the phone, and at times flat out lied to me. They are having trouble with the inverters they install and apparently their solution is to avoid their customers. Changed my rating from a 5-star to a 4-star. Many people in my neighborhood are having similar problems with them.
Adam Levy
Adam Levy
Mark with Energy Saving Pros is absolutely the best! He is in no way “salesy” like other solar companies, but rather helps and guides you to the perfect end product for you. He truly has your best interest in mind, and will not add on services or products that you don’t need. He has the utmost highest integrity, character, and honesty. I recommend Mark to anyone I know in need of Solar!
Kim Silsby
Kim Silsby
Mark Dewitt and his team have helped us make our home more efficient, and helped us learn more about the best practices with our solar panels. Highly recommend this team!
Jennifer Prewitt-Wren
Jennifer Prewitt-Wren
Brad and Tony are AMAZING! They got us scheduled and my system communicating when another company couldn't. We have switched our service to them. Wonderful company, already recommended family!
Easy Williams
Easy Williams
Energy Saving Pros did an super job for us! Barry and Mandy did a great job scheduling everything and made sure all the paperwork was in order. They also answered any and all questions we had. The electricians were great and made sure all the wiring conduit looked great. I was especially impressed with Ramond and his crew that came out to install the panels. They showed up on time and Raymond explained everything they were going to do. Unfortunately the roof was frosted over. Raymond didn't try to re-schedule the job, he waited until it was safe to go on the roof. When they got up there they didn't play around. They busted out the job and made it look easy. The panels look great! One of the reasons we went with Energy Saving Pros is because they have been around for awhile and I know if I have any problems in the future they will be there to help. When anyone I know is in the market for solar I will defiantly recommend Barry, Mandy, Raymond and crew at Energy Saving Pros.
Melissa Stice
Melissa Stice
Our heater was randomly shutting off and we couldn’t figure out the issue on our own. We called Energy Savings Pro and Mike sent out Kevin and Matt to take a look. It was a simple fix, they had our heat back on fast and we haven’t had a single problem since. Great, reliable service!
Mike Williams
Mike Williams
Just wanted to give a shout-out to Xavier and his crew of Kenny and Elias. They did a nice job of filling the trench from my shop to our house. Thanks, James Williams (aka Mike)

Invest in Solar Energy and Say Goodbye to Soaring Electricity Bills


At Energy Saving Pros, we understand the burden of rising electricity prices and are here to help you kick PG&E to the curb. Best of all, our solar installation services reduce energy costs and contribute to a greener future.


Here’s why going solar with Energy Saving Pros is the smarter choice:


30% Federal Tax Credit


Take advantage of the Federal Solar Tax Credit and save up to 30% on your solar installation costs. Haven’t heard of this incredible tax credit? Just call our solar company, and our dedicated team will explain it in detail. 

Protect Yourself From Rising Energy Costs


Keep more money in your pocket! With solar energy, you’re no longer at the mercy of PG&E’s ever-increasing utility rates.

Energy Independence


With solar energy, you can reduce your reliance on traditional PG&E’s utilities and their frustrating rolling blackouts. In short, solar energy offers energy independence, especially when coupled with solar batteries.

Environmentally Friendly


Solar power is a renewable energy source that reduces your carbon footprint. Take pride in knowing you are doing your part to protect the Earth. 

Superior Reliability


Solar panels are durable and built to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring a reliable source of energy. When paired with solar batteries, you’ll continue to have access to a reliable power source, even when PG&E customers are experiencing a disruption. 

Customized Solutions


Our solar company offers tailor-made solar solutions to meet the unique needs of your home or business. We perform an in-depth review of your needs and offer choices customized to you.

Benefits of Working with Energy Saving Pros

  • We are local and committed to helping our community save money by going green.
  • Our solar company customizes every installation for maximum savings and optimum efficiency.
  • Our solar installers do all our own work, including installation, maintenance, inspection, and repair.
  • We can service and maintain any solar array, whether it’s brand new or already existing.
  • When you choose our solar company, you own your solar panel system instead of leasing — financing is available!

Sacramento Area Solar Services from Energy Saving Pros


With Energy Savings Pros, you receive these dedicated services from our quality solar company:



Other Sacramento solar companies often subcontract their installations, but not Energy Saving Pros. Our solar installers do all of the work ourselves, from pre-engineering and permits to installation and maintenance. Our team of experts will be with you all the way — our top priority is ensuring your solar panels are affordable and operate at peak efficiency.



Don’t lease your solar equipment — own your solar panel system! Energy Saving Pros offers customized loans with financing options of up to 25 years on all solar projects. Our energy company will work with you to design a solar power plan that meets your needs, fits your budget, and saves you money when compared to the outrageous price hikes at PG&E.


We provide solar power solutions for all types of residential, commercial, educational, municipal, industrial, and agricultural facilities. From single-family rooftop installations to large-scale, ground-mount arrays, our solar installers will help you meet your energy needs.



Energy Saving Pros can install solar at any location — rural, urban, or anywhere in between. We service Roseville, Loomis, Rocklin, the Greater Sacramento region, and all of Northern California. Our experts know the terrain and will position your solar panels for optimal energy production.

Kick PG&E to the Curb Today

Don’t let PG&E’s soaring prices control your budget any longer. Invest in solar energy with Energy Saving Pros and enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable power while saving money. With our experienced team of solar installers and our dedication to quality and service, you can trust us to help you make the switch to solar a seamless experience.


Ready to kick PG&E to the curb and embrace solar energy? Contact us today for a free consultation and quote, and let our solar company guide you toward a more sustainable and affordable energy future.