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  • The solar panels are working very well and we are very happy that we took the plunge.  Wish we had done it many years ago.

    Charles & Edith Apostolos
  • The team at Energy Saving Pro’s installed my solar system quickly, professionally, and at a fantastic price. I could not be happier with my solar system from Energy Saving Pro’s. Since having my system installed I have referred several of my friends who received the same excellent service. I would recommend Energy Saving Pro’s to anyone.

    Chris and Laura Bradburn
  • “Energy Saving Pro’s understands the importance of every educational dollar and has worked hard to help ensure more of those dollars go into the classroom, not the utility bill.”


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3 days ago

Energy Saving Pros

Today is "FUN Energy Saving Fact" Wednesday!


Running your air conditioning at 78°F instead of 72°F can save between 6 and 18 percent on your cooling bill. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be, so set your thermostat as high as possible during the summer months.
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1 week ago

Energy Saving Pros

Today is "Fun Energy Fact" Wednesday!

Drum Roll Please!

On average, households lose about 20 percent of their heated and cooled air through the duct system to the outside. To avoid wasting energy, have your ducts inspected to ensure they’re sealed properly and insulated if necessary.

Give our Heating and Air Division a call at 916-259-2501, if you are interested in saving up 20% on your utility bill, with a duct system service.
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2 weeks ago

Energy Saving Pros

Public Service Announcement: Pioneer Community Energy and Solar

Over the past few months we have received many calls regarding the impact of Pioneer Community Energy as it relates to existing solar net metered accounts currently billed by PG&E.

Who is Pioneer Community Energy?

(From their website)

Pioneer is governed by a board of locally elected officials who have established the goal of providing electricity at lower and more stable rates. Since Pioneer does not have shareholders, savings and investments can be made in our local communities to keep rates low, and to develop local electricity programs that benefit our residents and businesses.

Pioneer Community Energy only operates in certain Placer County cities and within Placer County unincorporated areas.

Now, let's summarize how you currently get billed under your PG&E Net Metering program. If you are with PG&E net meter billing you receive an annual "true up" bill that accounts for the usage and solar credit's over a 12 month period. If you have any credit(s) PG&E will pay $.03-.04 per kWh or you can roll the credit over to the next 12 month billing cycle.

Pioneer Community Energy only offers monthly solar "true up" not annually like PG&E. What does this mean for you? If your solar produces under 100% of your total usage monthly you will have to pay the usage not credited by solar. If you have solar credits for the month they will pay you the $0.3 per kWh instead of rolling of the credits at retail value for 12 months like PG&E would. This, in most cases would mean that Pioneer solar customer's would pay monthly most months until they have large solar credit's during certain months of the year and the value of the credits in higher producing months would be reduced dramatically.

So, to answer the question is Pioneer Community Electric good for solar customers? The short answer is only if their solar system produces 50% or less of their annual usage. It is our opinion that a majority of the solar customers are better off staying with PG&E or switching back to PG&E from Pioneer.

How do I opt out? You simply have to call Pioneer Community Electric at 844-937-7466 and request to be switched back to PG&E net metering.

Hopefully, we have answered all of your questions regarding Pioneer Community Electric.
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