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Solar Energy Company Sacramento

Northern CA Solar Energy & Energy Conservation Company

Energy Saving Pros is an established General Contractor in Northern California, specializing in energy efficiency. We design, develop, and install custom energy solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, educational, and municipal clients.
Our mission is to save you big money by making your property as energy efficient as possible.
Energy Saving Pros offers you vast experience in projects of all sizes: from large Ag to commercial to small residential ground and roof mount projects. Our company has expertise in providing PV Solar, HVAC, Roofing, Backup Power Solutions…whatever you need to make your home or building more energy efficient! Trained and experienced in Energy Solutions, the Energy Saving Pros team is passionate about bringing you the highest quality services and newest technologies available in the Renewable Energy realm. We work directly with you to come up with the most cost effective solutions to suit your needs and budget.
Serving all of Northern California
What Our Clients Are Saying
  • The solar panels are working very well and we are very happy that we took the plunge.  Wish we had done it many years ago.

    Charles & Edith Apostolos
  • The team at Energy Saving Pros installed my solar system quickly, professionally, and at a fantastic price. I could not be happier with my solar system from Energy Saving Pros. Since having my system installed I have referred several of my friends who received the same excellent service. I would recommend Energy Saving Pros to anyone.

    Chris and Laura Bradburn
  • Energy Saving Pros understands the importance of every educational dollar and has worked hard to help ensure more of those dollars go into the classroom, not the utility bill.

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    Serving all of Northern California, including the Greater Sacramento Area and San Francisco Bay Area regions