With reliable, renewable solar power you can lock in your energy costs for 25 years or more.

Residential Solar Panels for Your Home in Northern California


Installing solar power makes sense for most homeowners. Residential solar offers stabilized pricing with predictable savings that only grow over time. With reliable, renewable solar power you can lock in your energy costs for 25 years or more. Energy Saving Pros will help you determine the best solar systems for your home and your budget.


Residential Solar Backup Systems

Power through blackouts with battery backup! Backup batteries provide electricity when you need it most. Store the energy from your solar array so you can use it during grid failures and off-peak hours. With solar batteries, you can produce more of the energy you consume and minimize your dependence on the grid.

Go Green with Residential Solar Panels

Californians continue to invest in clean energy and lead the nation in solar energy production. Solar is ultra-green, super clean, and 100% renewable. When it comes to solar energy, the environmental benefits are endless. Solar power mitigates pollution, improves air quality, uses less water, and reduces dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy Saving Pros – Your Local Sacramento Solar Company


From installation to cleaning and maintenance, Energy Saving Pros is with you all the way. You can offset the upfront cost of residential solar with our zero down financing options. We service all of Northern California—Loomis, Rocklin and Roseville to Greater Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay. Check out some reviews from our satisfied customers. When you’re ready to lock in your energy savings, call 916-259-2501 to speak with an Energy Advisor and get a quote today!

A man inspecting a residential solar panel for cleaning and maintenance

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