Power Through Grid Failures with Solar Backup

Backup power is becoming more and more of a necessity in Northern California. Power outages from grid failures due to wildfires, storms, high winds, and other natural disasters affect us all. If you already have solar panels in place, you should consider installing a solar backup battery.
On their own, solar panels are not enough—if you want solar power when the grid goes down, you’ll need a backup battery for your array. With a solar backup battery from Energy Saving Pros, you’ll be prepared for the next power outage and rest easy knowing that you’ll always have power when you need it.
solar battery backup diagram

Residential Solar Battery Backup

Installing solar power makes sense for most homeowners. Residential solar offers stabilized pricing with predictable savings that only grow over time. With reliable, renewable solar power you can power through grid failures and lock in your energy costs for 25 years or more. Energy Saving Pros will help you determine the most effective, most affordable solar backup system for your home.

Commercial Solar Battery Backup

Your business doesn’t have to suffer because of grid failures. Commercial solar battery storage will not only keep your business powered during blackouts, it will also reduce your energy bills. Solar is a long-term investment with benefits that pay off for decades. Our Energy Advisors will help you select the best backup battery system for your budget and your energy needs. Lock in your energy costs and start saving today!

The Pros of Solar Battery Backup vs. Generators

  • Solar panels link directly to solar battery backup to store free power from the sun. There’s no need to purchase or store fuel like you would with a generator.
  • Solar batteries are rechargeable and can collect new power every day. If you want to conserve more energy at home, using your backup battery after the sun goes down will help reduce stress on the grid.
  • Solar batteries don’t generate any greenhouse gases—they’re 100% clean and environmentally friendly.
  • Solar backup batteries integrate easily with smart home technology, making it easy to control how much power you use or store.
  • Unlike generators, solar batteries are totally silent. If a quiet environment is important to you, solar backup batteries create zero noise pollution.
  • Backup batteries can be more expensive than generators, however, you can offset the upfront cost with tax incentives and financing options from Energy Saving Pros.
  • With a warranty life of 10 years or 10,000 cycles, solar backup batteries require less maintenance and last a lot longer than gas generators.

Go with Your Local Sacramento Solar Experts

You should always look for a well-established local company when you invest in solar power for your home or business. With Energy Saving Pros, you get the advantage of dedicated service from a local installer that’s committed to your community. Based in Loomis, we offer solar panel installation, financing, and maintenance throughout Northern California, from Greater Sacramento to the East Bay.


Energy Saving Pros carries all the top brands, including SolArk, Outback, LGChem, and Tesla. Get your backup power ready now so you’re prepared for the next outage. Our energy experts will help you find the most viable, most affordable option to protect your home or business with backup power. Don’t get left in the dark when the power goes out—request a free quote from our Energy Advisors today!

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