Commercial Engineering

At Energy Saving Pros, our detailed engineering process is managed by a team of engineering, financial and design experts. Our goal is to provide commercial, agricultural and municipal clients with accurate details and forecasting on the solar economics of their individual project.


Energy Saving Pros three intensive Solar Engineering steps include:

Detailed Site Survey:

Your ESP team begins your analysis by researching the electrical profile of your facility. Commercial enterprises, growers, processors, dairy operations and cold storage facilities all have distinct usage patterns. Our detailed analysis will review your utility rate structures and pricing policies, your demand, and usage patterns.

System Design:

Next, our knowledgeable and experienced engineering team conducts a physical site survey to assess the physical characteristics of the proposed solar site. Following multiple design reviews and approval from the client, they will begin to design the best solar system and begin the permit process. The final design takes into account your specific geography and weather data, shading factors, electrical specific challenges, building code requirements, electrical infrastructure and site-specific constraints. Our team’s track record of successful projects helps guarantee peak energy production and a smooth interconnection process.

Financial Engineering:

Finally, Energy Saving Pros outlines possible finance options with the clients and their financial team. Overall, the financial engineering process will assess the client’s tax rate, accounting, depreciation, etc. and will find the optimal solution that fits the client’s needs – for today, and tomorrow.

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