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Energy Saving Pros is the only solar company in the Sacramento and Loomis, California, area offering complete and comprehensive solar services. If you need assistance adding solar panels, repairing your current system, or optimizing your solar power supply, call our local office today. You can also reach out to our friendly staff online.

How does solar power work?


Solar panels take the sun’s light and concentrate the radiation. It is powerful enough to provide electricity to your entire home or business. 


The solar panels take the sunlight and absorb it. The energy creates electrical charges that flow throughout the panel. When the power is generated, it then needs to be integrated into your home or business. 


Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular and can be fitted for both residential and commercial applications. 


Is solar power really worth it?


The Sacramento area and the Central Valley are perfect locations for adding solar panels. The region gets plenty of sun, so the panels can produce significant power. 


It’s essential that you understand the costs associated with adding solar panels. There are some upfront costs for the hardware and installation. Additionally, you may have to pay for permits.


Though there are some upfront costs, solar panels will reduce your electricity bill, saving you thousands in the long run. It reduces your dependence on traditional electric companies, and in some cases, you won’t see an electric bill at all. 


You can also take pride in knowing that you are protecting the environment. By choosing solar power, you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Why are solar panel inspections important?

We recommend regular solar panel inspections and maintenance to know your system is in optimal condition and producing electricity effectively. While we inspect your panels, our technicians will check the wiring connections and ensure that squirrels or other small animals haven’t been nesting in your solar system.


Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid unexpected repairs and the associated costs. 

What is the process for adding solar panels to my home or business?


Adding solar panels isn’t a DIY type of installation process. You will need the assistance of highly trained technicians, like our local team at Energy Saving Pros. Here is our installation process:


Site survey


Before beginning the process of adding solar panels, we send a technician to survey your property. We will examine your electrical system and wiring to make sure solar power is compatible. If your home is older, we might need to upgrade portions of your system to accommodate solar panels. 


Next, our team will inspect your roof to make sure it is structurally sound enough to support the panels. 


Our team is local, so we understand how houses and buildings are built in the Sacramento area and have the skills to add specialized roofing mounts for the panels when needed. 




Before we actually add the panels, you’ll have to get a few permits. Essentially, these documents state that your equipment is legal and it meets all of the zoning guidelines. 


Don’t get intimidated by this process. Our professional solar panel experts at Energy Saving Pros will help you navigate the bureaucracy. 


Procure equipment


Once the permits and paperwork are ready, we will order the equipment based on your needs and the results of our property survey. Once it arrives, we are ready to begin the installation process.



First, we need to prepare your roof and add mounts if needed. Once the solar panels are added, we need to connect the wiring from the panels to your property’s electrical system. We will also check that each panel is collecting optimal sunlight.


Connect the system


Finally, we connect the solar panel system to the grid. Before we can turn it on, a local government representative will also need to inspect it. When everything checks out, we’ll turn the system on. 


We can also add additional solar panels to an existing system. If your current system isn’t producing the amount of power you hoped for, call our team today to discuss adding more panels. Our technicians can come to your property, assess your needs, and discuss where or if we need to add additional panels.

Can I get a tax break by choosing solar panels for my energy needs?


Yes! You can receive tax credits for adding solar panels in California. It is an incentive to abate some of the upfront costs. 


In fact, the United States passed the Inflation Reduction Act which offers a 30% tax credit for solar power. That credit can be applied to adding more panels, upgrading your existing system, solar panel repairs, and much more.


Best of all, the tax credit is retroactive for installs as of January 2022. So if you have had solar panel work done in 2022, you’ll still receive credit. Learn more about the Inflation Reduction Act here.

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