Next Steps To Energy Independence


Our engineers will review the data collected by your ESP Sales Rep. to make sure what was sold physically fits your roof and electrical panel. (Estimated Completion Time 1-2 weeks)


Site Evaluation

A site survey will be conducted if pre-engineering feels it needs more information to complete the engineering, (i.e. exact roof measurements.) If needed, our Operations Dept. will notify you to make an appointment. The appointment should be around an hour. (Estimated Completion Time 1 day)


Layout Approval

We will email you a roof layout for your review. Your project will move forward to county permitting upon receiving your final approval.


Final Engineering

Once you approve your layout, we will complete your plans to submit to the permitting agency. (Estimated Completion Time 1-2 weeks)



If you live in an HOA you are responsible for submitting a layout for approval to your HOA. Most permitting agencies will not approve the initial permit without said approval. (Estimated Completion Time 2-6 weeks)



We will install your solar panels, inverter(s), and conduit. Inside access to your home will be required for install. (Estimated Completion Time 1-5 days depending on system size)


City/Council Final Permit Inspection

We coordinate with your local permitting jurisdiction to approve your solar system. You may be required to remain home during inspections. Remember, carbon monoxide detectors are now required on each story of your home. The jurisdiction may inspect for compliance. (Estimated Completion Time 1-2 days)


Utility Permission to Operate

We work with your local utility to approve interconnection of your solar system. (2-6 weeks)


Get started on the path towards energy independence! To speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives, contact us today!