5.4 MILLION Californians might go dark this summer…
Do you have a “backup” plan?

Be prepared. Invest in backup generators in Sacramento, CA.

Keep the Power On in Your Home with Backup Generators in Sacramento and Beyond


Last year, energy companies announced they’re shutting off power to millions of Californians. Whether due to high winds, to prevent wildfires or other natural disasters, millions went without power. Power was also cut off due to problems with the grid and even car accidents!

Power companies will be doing the same this year and many millions will be affected. It’s only a matter of time before many homes are going to have their power shut off. It’s already happened numerous times and fire season is just beginning! You can’t afford to live in the dark.

When utility power goes out the only viable, affordable solution to protect your home and family, is a backup generator system. Energy Saving Pros has been providing custom energy solutions for decades with over 150+ five star reviews. We are ready to install backup generators in Sacramento quickly and affordably.

$250 OFF on all Generators

  • Protect Your Home

  • Give Your Family Peace of Mind

  • Install a Backup Generator System from ESP

  • We specialize in Generac, Honeywell, and Kohler brands but can work with all brands.


· PGE.com/MyWildFireAlerts

· PGE.com/WildFireSafety

Generator Fully Powers Your Home

Backup power generators from Energy Saving Pros are streamlined like any other home appliance. When your power turns off, your generator turns on, fully powering your whole house–whether you’re home or not. You won’t even notice your power went out! Your backup generator in Sacramento will run for hours or WEEKS if need be and it will shut off as soon as your utility power is restored.

Backup Generators from Energy Saving Pros


  • Turns ON the moment utility power is lost
  • Turns OFF the moment utility power is restored
  • Powers your whole house including A/C, refrigerator
  • Can run for hours or weeks
  • Viable and affordable solution for families!

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