Solar Attic Fans in Northern California 

Our Solar Powered Attic Fans make use of passive vents to create and maintain better air circulation. This affordable solution will, in effect, pay for itself. Air conditioning costs in the summer will decrease significantly while the improved airflow, during the winter, will aid in preventing mildew and the growth of mold.


Key Features:

  • 100% Solar – With power operation being 100% solar, operation during the day is free!
  • Adjustable – The adjustable bracket of the solar panel helps to establish optimum exposure.
  • Watertight – You will not experience any water leaks or have to do any maintenance.
  • Adaptable – They will be able to work with almost all roofing systems and can fit on any roof pitch.
  • Pest proof – The stainless steel screen keeps out all manner of pests and debris.
  • Quick and easy installation – No structural changes, wiring, or painting required


Increase the longevity of your roof and decrease the work of your air conditioner with our Solar Powered Attic Fans.

Reduce summer attic temperatures

Attic ventilation lowers the temperature of the attic during the hotter months. These temperatures can reach upwards of 160°F! Solar Powered Attic Fans create proper ventilation in any attic which can reduce temperatures by as much as 40°F.

Reduce unwanted moisture buildup in your attic

Even with vapor barriers, moisture buildup during cooler seasons can be a serious issue. Air leaks around ceiling light fixtures and exhaust fans attribute to this problem. Condensation on the actual framing structure and roof deck may lead to problematic mold, mildew, and rot.


The 100% Solar Powered Attic Fans carried by Energy Saving Pros are designed for all roof types and pitches. Our most popular residential model is the roof-mounted design which installs directly on most types of roofing. Our Solar Powered Attic fans even qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credits.

The Whole House Fan

Naturally cool your home with our whole house ventilation fan which pulls in cool air from open windows and exhausts heated air through the attic and roof. Designed for use during conditions when outside air is cooler than inside air, this model saves money spent towards energy, promotes cooling, and increases ventilation.


The whole house ventilation fan operates in an ultra-quiet manner, reduces energy costs, is compliant with CEC Title 24, and comes with convenient timer settings and a remote control or wall mounted switch.

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