The 5 Reasons Why Homeowners Need to GO SOLAR Now

1. Lock-in Your Cost of Energy

Eliminate those monthly surprises. California electric rates increase on average over 6% per year. PG&E has been approved for stepped rate increases of over 16% the next three years. Plus, the Public Utilities Commission just approved another 2.1 Billion in additional rate increases. Lock in your electricity rates now at 5-7 cents kWh (or lower) and save BIG.


2. You Receive a 30% Federal Tax Credit

Today through 2016 homeowners who go Solar are eligible to take advantage of a 30% Federal Tax Credit. Don’t wait, your Federal Tax credit WILL EXPIRE in 2016 and will no longer be available.


3. SOLAR is the Only Home Improvement Guaranteed to pay for itself

Your New SOLAR system is GUARANTEED to pay for itself with your electricity savings. Once paid off, you’ll be producing FREE pure, clean, green energy for the next 30+ years. No other home improvement continues to put money in your pocket, month after month after month.


4. Zero Down Financing

Financing is easily available with numerous zero down options. We’re experts when it comes to financing your Solar project. You will be cash-flow positive from day one resulting in quick payback on your investment.


5. Solar adds value to your HOME without increasing your property taxes

Adding Solar significantly increases the value of your home and makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. It’s proven in real estate time and again that a home with Solar sells faster than one without. Plus, in many financing scenarios, you can write off much of your payment on your taxes.


Sold on solar? Our experienced solar representatives can get the process started for you. Contact us today!


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