What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Going Solar?

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What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Going Solar?

At Energy Saving Pros, we strive to make your household decisions easier by giving you all of the facts. We have researched what the average homeowner  said they wish they had known before going solar to bring you the answers to the most common questions. Here are the 5 questions people most often wished they had the answers to before going solar.

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There is a misconception that solar panels in general last 10-15 years.

Although it depends on the type of panel you install and the amount of care they receive, this is usually not true. The warranties themselves are longer than this. Going solar is a long-term commitment that changes your energy lifestyle for years to come. If they are treated well, the average solar panel will last 20-30 years.

At Energy Saving Pros, our solar panel manufacturer is called Suniva. They are the country’s largest US-born, US-owned and operatred solar module manfacturer. We are proud to be fully American made. They come with a 25 year warranty, but have been found to last at least 30 years. They are one of the top panels in the industry, and make the investment of going solar a truly worthwhile investment.


wish you knew #4

Another misconception about solar power is that people think the panels don’t work on cloudy days. 

Your panels will not be as efficient as producing energy as with direct sunlight, but your solar panels will work just fine and produce a modest amount of energy in the fog or during overcast days. Additionally, the amount of sunlight that your home receives over the entire year is much more important than each day individually. For example, Germany, even though they have a climate similar to Alaska, have installed the most solar compared to every other country in the world. Clearly, solar can still produce energy even in a cloudy and cold climate.

wish you knew #3

There is a common belief that it does not make sense to switch to solar energy if you are going to sell your home in the next few years. This is completely false, as adding solar to a home significantly increases the value of the home. Buyers are much more likely to purchase a home with solar already installed, as they know they will save money on their electricity bill and they will also be doing their part for the environment. It has been proven in real estate time and time again that a home with solar sells faster than one without. Plus, in many financing scenarios, you can write off much of your payment on your taxes.

wish you knew #2

Among the many misconceptions about solar, one of the most frequent is that solar is just too expensive and cannot be afforded by the average homeowner.

We at Energy Saving Pros have several different zero down financing options available to our customers. We are experts when it comes to financing our solar projects. We have helped countless customers save Big on their energy bills from day one. This is one of several reasons that going solar is reachable and affordable to most homeowners.


wish you knew #1

The great thing about solar is that is is the only home improvement GUARANTEED to pay for itself. With the amount of money you will save on electricity (especially after the new tier system that PG&E has initiated. See  our “PG&E’s New Tier System – How it May Cost More Than Ever” article post for more information), you will end up saving money in the long run. Once it is paid off, you will be producing energy that is pure, clean, green and FREE.

In addition, a 30% Federal tax credit is still available through 2016 for homeowner’s who go solar. This can still be taken advantage of for an even larger savings on your new solar system.

Clearly, going solar is a smart decision for many reasons. But if your questions are outside of these 5 primary ones, let us know how we can help you get answers. We are the pros, and we are here to help.