Whole House Ventilation Fans: Pros & Cons

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Whole House Ventilation Fans: Pros & Cons

Springtime is a perfect time to save energy—and money—by installing a whole house ventilation fan. With a whole house fan, you can make your entire home more comfortable while also conserving energy and lowering monthly costs. Our whole house ventilation fans cool your home by pulling in cool air from open windows and exhausting heated air through the attic and roof. These fans are made for use during conditions when outside air is cooler than inside air. Needless to say, this is the perfect time of year to make your home more energy efficient by installing a whole house fan. Keep reading for more information on the pros and cons of whole house fans.

PRO: They Make Your Home More Comfortable!

Our whole house ventilation fans can be extremely effective at keeping homes cool and comfortable, if the conditions are right. That means you will spend less money to keep your home comfortable! We recommend keeping your home sealed throughout the hottest part of the day, then opening the windows at night and in the morning while the fan is running. This is when the fan pulls in cooler air to circulate through the house. Another great bonus provided by whole house fans is that they can vent unwanted odors caused by things like food and pets from your home. For example, if you accidentally over-cook your dinner, and you want to eliminate the smoke and the smell of burnt food, just turn on the whole house fan. Your home will be cleared of unwanted odors in no time!

CON: Whole House Fans Aren’t Made to Work with Air Conditioners

Outside air typically has some amount of moisture in it, and air conditioners transform that humidity in order to keep your home cool. Whole house ventilation fans are designed to pull in outside air, which forces an air conditioner to work harder. For this reason whole house fans and air conditioners aren’t made to work together simultaneously.

PRO: They Save Energy!

Whole house ventilation fans work by venting warm air from the house through the attic, and replacing it with cooler air from outside. Needless to say, these fans are much more energy-efficient than air conditioners. In fact, they typically use 10-15% of the power needed to run an air conditioner, making whole house fans an extremely affordable cooling option.

PRO: Energy Saving Pros Whole House Fans Are All You Need For Spring!

The whole house ventilation fan is ultra-quiet and reduces energy costs. It is compliant with CEC Title 24. It even comes with convenient timer settings and a remote control or wall mounted switch for the ultimate ease of use.

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Needless to say, the pros of whole house ventilation fans far outweigh the cons. This type of fan can revolutionize the way you cool your home—by conserving energy and saving you money. Springtime is the right time! Contact Energy Saving Pros of Northern California for your free quote today!