Where Should You Buy Your Tesla Powerwall?

Where Should You Buy Your Tesla Powerwall?

When you invest in solar panels or solar backup batteries, you want to consider every option. And you might be wondering whether it’s better to purchase your Tesla Powerwall battery directly from the manufacturer or through a local solar installer. 

As a certified Tesla solar dealer, we sell the exact same solar panels and batteries that Tesla sells. And, when you go with Energy Saving Pros, you get the added advantage of a local installer that’s committed to customer service.

Should You Go With A Corporate or Local Solar Installer? 

Competitive Pricing

There are two main advantages of buying solar panels from Tesla:

  1. Tesla offers highly competitive pricing for cash-purchased systems. 
  2. The Powerwall 2 solar battery can only be purchased from and installed by approved Tesla retailers. Installation rates can vary widely, and Tesla will usually offer the lowest installation rate.

However, with financing and tax incentives, the difference in cost may be marginal. You can still claim the SGIP rebate in 2021, and 2022 is the last year to claim a federal tax credit for solar as well. Our energy advisors can help you get the best price on your Tesla system.

Maintenance and Repair 

Although solar is very reliable, sometimes things go wrong. If you decide to buy a hybrid system with battery storage, you might find some comfort in knowing you purchased it directly from the manufacturer. That means you can depend on them for service and repair, right? 

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. When it comes to after-sales service and technical support, small local installers usually get higher ratings than large corporations. Local solar companies are more invested in their customers, and their clients can depend on reliable maintenance and repair.

Installation Quality

Solar panels are a completely unique consumer product. They interact with the utility grid as well as the other electrical infrastructure within your home. They’re also designed to last a long time, which makes installation one of the most important parts of the process.

Your local installer knows the weather and the terrain, and can optimize your panels for peak performance. Energy Saving Pros provides top-quality installation and maintenance. Our experienced solar installers can keep your system up and running for 25-30 years.

Local Presence

Tesla Energy faces a significant hurdle in rolling out localized customer service over such a wide geographic area as northern California. In the years to come, will Tesla have the capacity to service their many solar installations?

If Tesla can solve their localized service challenges, it will be a momentous achievement. Purchasing your Tesla Powerwall battery from a locally established solar company like Energy Saving Pros will ensure that you get the personalized and timely service you need.

Take Our Advice

You should always look for a well-established local solar company when buying solar panels for your home. If you’re interested in purchasing the market-leading Tesla Powerwall battery, go with Energy Saving Pros! 

Based in Loomis, we offer solar panel and Tesla Powerwall installation, financing, and maintenance throughout Northern California, from Greater Sacramento to the East Bay. If you’re interested in going solar, contact us to request a free quote today!