Upgrade Your Comfort Level with Radiant Barrier

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Upgrade Your Comfort Level with Radiant Barrier

At Energy Saving Pros, we believe in taking a whole-home approach to energy-efficiency solutions.  If your insulation is outdated and allows a lot of air-flow in and out of the home, solar will not be enough on its own to solve efficiency issues. This is where our insulation services become so important. One of the most revolutionary products that we carry in our insulation division is the Radiant Reflective Barrier. These barriers are installed in homes, usually in the attic, to reduce summer heat gain and reduce cooling costs. They are made of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. Therefore, in the heat of the summer the sun’s rays will not sneak their way in through your roof but instead be reflected and directed outward, keeping your home cool and reducing the need for A/C.

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They work by blocking radiant heat from the sun. Without getting deep into the scientific principles behind it, radiant heat from the sun travels in a straight line and heats anything solid that will absorb its energy. The radiant reflective barrier stops 90% of the absorption of that energy and instead directs it back out of the home.

They are typically composed of a material that is rolled out on the inside of your attic and stapled to the area between the roof rafters. However, at Energy Saving Pros, we have the technology to spray it in liquid form so that it completely molds to the surfaces of your attic and has no danger of falling down over the years. This method of application is of higher quality and could increase the value of your home because it is a permanent feature.

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The Radiant Reflective Barrier, although it is only one option among many in our insulation division, is a very effective technique for keeping the temperature of your home comfortable. Many of us need to blast our air conditioning in the summer, and even when we do there are rooms that aren’t reached, leaving bedrooms upstairs unbearably warm. Imagine being able to run your A/C less yet still feeling cool in the heat of the summer. This is the kind of relaxing environment that our insulation division can bring to you with Radiant Reflective Barrier as well as other energy-efficiency solutions. Contact us to see how we can help your home become more comfortable for your guests and loved-ones.


By Kayla Rabbich