Top Energy Conservation Solutions

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Top Energy Conservation Solutions

Conserving energy is an important step when it comes to saving both the environment and your finances, especially during the cold winter months. Monitoring your household energy consumption can help save you money and prevents excess energy from being wasted. Here are some energy conservation solutions that will keep you, your wallet and the environment happy.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling your home throughout the year costs more energy and money than any other system, making up roughly 48% of your annual energy bill.1 Even if your ventilation system is new or up to date, over time it can develop small leaks and other problems. Older, inefficient systems are even less effective at pumping out an adequate amount of cool or warm air to keep your home comfortable.

One way to save energy and money over time is by upgrading and maintaining your equipment. However, this works best when used in conjunction with a more comprehensive whole-house approach. During the winter, try to set your thermostat as low as you can comfortably handle. If you’re gone for most of the day, set it even lower while you are away and raise it to a comfortable temperature when you get home.


Even if your heating and cooling system is working efficiently, it won’t do you much good if your home is improperly insulated. While windows can be sealed with caulk or other adhesives, most of your heat during the winter is lost through the roof as hot air rises. As such, it’s especially important to insulate places like your attic, walls, floors, basement and crawlspace, if you have them.

Insulation comes in a variety of forms, including:

  • Insulation blankets
  • Loose-fill insulation
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Foam-in-place insulation

Most insulation is placed during the construction of a new home or business. If you want to update your home insulation or add more to other areas, be sure to hire a professional to do the job properly.

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Solar Panel Installation

If you still find yourself using more energy than you’d like, one of the best options for energy conservation is the installation of solar panels. Some people may find the initial price of buying and installing a solar system to be cost-prohibitive, but there are many state and federal financial incentives to minimize the expense.

Solar power is effective because it can be used to power every electrical system in your home, from indoor lighting to heating and appliances. Even if you choose to only link your power to one system in your household, the savings will quickly add up over time.

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