The History of Solar Energy

solar eclipse - history of solar energy

The History of Solar Energy

Did you know solar energy is the leading source of renewable power in the United States? As we all know, non-renewable and fossil fuel energy has created adverse impacts on the environment and is not sustainable for the future. In contrast to this, solar panels offer clean energy by using integrated photovoltaic cells. The cells trap rays from the sun, which is the world’s most resilient and reliable source of energy. Solar panels take that clean, renewable energy from the sun and transform it into electrical power. Our team at Energy Saving Pros knows that the history of solar energy is important in understanding its impact and potential for our future. Let’s take a brief look at the history of solar energy.

Where Did It All Begin?

Oddly enough, the history of solar energy dates all the way back to the 7th century when a magnifying glass was used to concentrate the rays of the sun in order to start fires. This highlighted the harnessed power of the sun, and set into motion the study of solar energy. Solar energy has experienced significant advancement in terms of technology since the first simple magnifying glass experiments took place. The research continues today as we seek to continually improve energy-harnessing tools and make solar energy even more efficient.

Development of Photovoltaic Cells

Various scientists throughout history— like Horace de Saussure, Edmond Becquerel, August Mouchet, William Grylls Adams, and Richard Evans, to name a few— contributed significantly towards the development of solar panels and solar energy. Because of their research and discoveries, photovoltaic cells were eventually developed, which have been the driving wheel behind solar energy usage.

Solar Energy for All

The government has funded research and taken big steps to ensure that people can access solar energy. For instance, in 2000, NASA installed solar panels with 32,800 solar cells in space, while Sandia National Laboratory developed a safety inverter. In 2000, a Colorado family installed a 12-kilowatt solar system to be used in the home. Remarkably, this was the genesis of the application of solar energy in homes. Right now, you can still access a Federal Tax Credit for going solar, making solar even more accessible. Solar panels continue to become more efficient and more affordable for residential and commercial use over time. Researchers and scientists continue to look for ways to improve the effectiveness and affordability of solar cells, and Energy Saving Pros offers the most cutting-edge technology available!

Go Solar!

The history of solar energy has paved the way for the future. Because solar energy is essential to the future of human life and to the protection of the environment, it is crucial that solar energy research continues forward! At Energy Saving Pros, our dream is to see solar energy accessible by all and leading the way toward clean, renewable energy everywhere. Why wait to go solar? Contact Energy Saving Pros today at 866-497-6527 or get your free quote online.