The California Solar Mandate: What You Need to Know

california solar mandate

The California Solar Mandate: What You Need to Know

California leads the nation in solar energy production, and the California solar mandate will bring clean energy to more and more communities. Solar is required in California—all new residential builds must install a solar array. Energy Saving Pros in Sacramento can help you meet all of the California solar mandate requirements. We’ll set you up with the best photovoltaic system for your building and your budget.

Understanding the California Solar Mandate

The California solar mandate is a building code that requires newly constructed homes to include a solar photovoltaic (PV) electrical source. In effect since January 1, 2020, this building code makes solar power mandatory for all new residential builds up to three stories high. Newly built homes must install solar panel systems capable of producing enough energy to support the building’s estimated annual electricity usage.

Exemptions to the California Solar Mandate

Some types of new builds can be exempted from the new building codes. Residential buildings that are too small or too shaded to support a solar array may qualify for exemptions. Additionally, developers may propose community solar projects instead of individual on-site solar panels, as long as the community project provides similar benefits to new residents.

Solar Battery Storage

Pairing solar panels with solar battery storage can significantly reduce the number of panels required to meet the solar mandate objectives. Solar battery storage saves space and provides electricity during blackouts. Solar battery backup does a lot more than keep the lights on—it also powers essential equipment like air conditioning systems and water pumps. 

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Solar power solutions are easy to find when you go with Energy Saving Pros. If you’re planning a new build, we can help you meet the California solar mandate requirements and find the right PV system for your needs and your budget. We service all of Northern California, from Greater Sacramento to the San Francisco Bay. Request a free quote from our energy advisors today!


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