The Benefits of Solar for California Schools

solar panels for schools

The Benefits of Solar for California Schools

Solar panels for schools keep energy costs low, benefit their local communities, and can even keep the power on during grid failures with battery backup. Sustainable schools are saving money and leading California toward a brighter future. If your school administration is considering installing a solar array, Energy Saving Pros in Sacramento can help. 

Solar Panels for Schools

Solar power is here to stay, and California schools are leading the nation. More than 2400 California schools generate their own solar power, and that number keeps growing. With benefits to the environment and to public health, solar panels also help keep energy bills low so that schools can focus more resources on their students.

California Initiatives

Did you know that one third of all the nation’s solar-powered schools are in the Golden State? Solar panels for schools play a big role in helping California reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach its renewable energy goals. Energy efficiency financing and incentives are available to all California schools, including school districts, charter schools, private schools, state special schools, and community colleges.

California also permits power-purchase agreements that allow schools to install solar panels without paying any up-front costs. In a power-purchase agreement, a third party owns and installs the system and sells the electricity that the solar panels generate directly to the school. This type of agreement eliminates installation costs so that schools can start saving on their energy bills right away.

Schools Can Save with Solar

As schools nationwide face the budget crisis brought on by Covid-19, many turn to solar for the long-term savings. The Brighter Future Report 2020 details how schools nationwide are saving millions on their energy bills. The accumulated savings from solar make a significant impact on a school’s budget over time. Reduced energy costs leave more room in the budget for essential school supplies and necessary classroom equipment.

Solar Battery Backup for Blackouts

Backup power is becoming more and more of a necessity in California. Outages from wildfires, high winds, and storms, combined with scheduled utility blackouts, leave millions without power. By adding battery storage as a backup system, schools can keep their power on during blackouts—even when the grid goes down. 

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