Summertime Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

A man inspecting a residential solar panel for cleaning and maintenance

Summertime Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

Solar panels always work best when they’re clean. Regular maintenance will keep your panels operating at peak efficiency and make them last longer. Take advantage of the summer sunshine and protect your investment in solar energy with cleaning and maintenance from Energy Saving Pros. Keeping your solar panels operating efficiently is our top priority!

Summertime Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

Don’t let dirt and debris build up on your solar array. Professional maintenance not only ensures warranty compliance, it also makes your solar panels last longer. The solar experts at Energy Saving Pros will make sure your panels generate as much power as possible by performing a full, six-point inspection and a thorough cleaning.

Get Rid of Dust, Ash, and Smog

Dirt buildup prevents sunlight from striking your panels and limits their productivity. Dust and urban air pollution as well as smoke and soot from forest fires can build up on your solar panels. If the air quality in your area has been poor this summer, your panels may need an extra cleaning.  

Remove Pollen and Debris

Trees, plants, and insects create a lot of debris during the summer in northern California. Seasonal cleaning will help keep your solar array operating at peak performance all year round.

Deter Wildlife

Birds and animals can also make a mess on solar panels. If your array gets frequent visits from squirrels, birds, and other wildlife, it might need a little extra protection. Ask us about Critter Guard, the ultimate barrier to pests, birds, and rodents.

Get a Thorough, Six-Point Inspection

When you hire Energy Saving Pros for solar panel maintenance, you get a lot more than clean panels. Our maintenance contracts include regular solar panel cleaning with a full six-point inspection. 

During the inspection we will:

  1. Read and record the inverter data to ensure that it’s operating properly.
  2. Check the solar array for any damage from pests, birds, and insects.
  3. Inspect the mounting and clamps to make sure they are secure.
  4. Appraise the under array wire management for any problems.
  5. Check the rooftop conduit for penetration and ensure that it’s leak resistant.
  6. Inspect the solar panels for any damage to the glass or frames.

Request a Free Quote for Solar Panel Maintenance

If your solar panels need cleaning and maintenance, call on your local Sacramento solar experts! Energy Saving Pros offers bi-annual (twice yearly) and quarterly (four times a year) maintenance service contracts throughout Sacramento and the East Bay Area. Call 916-259-2501 to request a free quote today!