Solar Tax Incentive

solar tax incentives

Solar Tax Incentive

It’s the Last Year for 30% Off Solar!

If you have ever considered taking advantage of solar energy, now is the time to act. After 2019 ends, Californians will be missing out on a huge tax incentive to take advantage of switching to solar energy. At Energy Saving Pros, we want you to know that switching to a solar energy system is particularly effective at saving money this year.

30% Off Ends in 2020

2019 is the last year the Solar Investment Tax Credit will be offering a 30% Federal Tax Credit on your solar energy system! Don’t make the mistake of wishing you had taken advantage of this opportunity. Even if you’re not sure about this purchase decision, we recommend evaluating things now so that you don’t have regrets later. And the federal tax credit isn’t the only reason to consider going solar.

Pays for Itself

Solar energy systems are guaranteed to pay for themselves through savings in your electricity bill. As soon as you have saved enough to cover your initial payment, you’ll save more and more money in your pocket than you would have with a traditional electricity system. The energy you produce at that point will be clean, green, and free. And things could stay like that for the next 30+ years! That’s over 30 years of saving money that would otherwise be spent. Couple that with the 30% tax incentive and you can see how much it will affect your savings. That’s 30% of the cost that you’ll be saving immediately.


Stops Your Rates from Increasing

Do you know how much electricity rates increase on average in California? Six percent per year. That means in only 3 years your rates will have increased by 18% and, of course, they’ll only climb higher from there. With solar energy you’d be saving money for 30+ years because your rates would be locked in at 5-7 cents/kWh (or lower). Without solar energy, in 30 years your electricity costs will have increased by nearly 6 times their initial amount (based on a 6% average increase per year).

Eliminate exorbitant costs before it’s too late! Start your switch to a solar energy system today and begin saving immediately. Contact Energy Saving Pros today for a free quote on your solar energy system!



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