Solar Saves When PG&E Shuts Off Your Electricity

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Solar Saves When PG&E Shuts Off Your Electricity

The recent wildfires in California have caused many residents to re-think how they power their homes and businesses. The fires have revealed how fragile the state’s power grid can be in providing reliable and safe energy to Californians. The response by  Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has been to preemptively reduce the risk of fire by implementing rolling blackouts, which interrupt power supply for millions of their customers. The PG&E blackouts can happen several times per year and can last for days on end. Where can you turn when PG&E shuts off your power? You can turn to Energy Saving Pros to provide you with solar.

Why Solar?

The sun provides reliable and renewable energy, no matter what PG&E is up to. Solar energy can safely and efficiently power your home or business through the rolling blackouts. Consumers should prepare for an uncertain energy future by investing in solar today.

Become Energy Independent!

For those who have gone solar, the effects of California’s energy blackouts are minimal. Solar panels and batteries allow Californians to be energy independent. This means they may not notice a power outage at all. California’s goal is to rely on 100% renewable energy within the next few decades. This means solar is inevitable for Californians. Why not begin reducing dependence on electric now, and switch to solar?

Protect Your Home, Community, and State

Solar panels, coupled with a battery system, will enable your home to power itself, even if the electrical grid goes out or is shut off. A single battery can power most homes for half a day without the need for a re-charge. The addition of a battery will reduce your reliance on the state’s power grid, and is a great option to consider in your plan to switch to solar. Not only will a battery benefit your household or business, but it will reduce the risk of wildfire in your area by spreading the power out and easing stress on power lines, making them less likely to spark a fire.

Cost-Effective Solutions

For some, the cost of adding batteries to your solar panel system is concerning, however, there are options that Energy Saving Pros would like to discuss with you. Along with this, California offers subsidies to encourage low-income households in high-fire-risk neighborhoods to install batteries. 

Switch to Solar Today!

Avoid the hassle of the PG&E blackouts—keep the lights on by switching to solar today. Get your free quote from Energy Saving Pros in Northern California today—or call us at 866-497-6527.