Solar-Powered Attic Fans 101

solar-powerd attic fans

Solar-Powered Attic Fans 101

More than ever, homeowners are looking for ways to save money by reducing their energy use and power bills. How can you regulate the temperature in your attic while also conserving energy and lowering monthly costs? One option to consider is a 100% solar-powered attic fan. Our team at Energy Saving Pros in Northern California wants to give you the lowdown on our attic fans so you can make an informed decision for your home and your wallet. Read on to learn more about solar attic fans.


They Run On Renewable Energy!

Instead of hooking up to your electrical grid, solar attic fans run on the unlimited and renewable power from the sun. While a solar attic fan may seem costly upfront, the unit will pay for itself—you won’t be paying for electricity to run it! A solar attic fan is one beneficial way to make your home more earth-friendly and energy efficient.


They Turn Your Attic Into Usable Storage Space!

Solar attic fans are extremely effective at keeping your attic cool, which makes attic space usable for storage. Without temperature regulation in your attic, precious keepsakes that are stored there can become ruined by high heat. A cooler attic can potentially make the rest of your house more comfortable, too. That means, with a solar attic fan, you will spend less money on both storage for your valuables and keepsakes, as well as on home temperature regulation!

Overall Benefits of Solar-Powered Attic Fans

Our solar-powered attic ventilation fans will help you create a home that is clean and energy efficient. Our fans make use of passive vents to create and maintain better air circulation. This cost-effective solution will, in effect, pay for itself. Your air conditioning costs will decrease significantly in the summer while the improved airflow during the winter will help prevent mildew and mold growth. By installing our solar-powered attic fans, you will increase the longevity of your roof and decrease the work of your air conditioner. Our fans even qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credits


Energy Saving Pros Offers 100% Solar-Powered Attic Fans!

A solar-powered attic fan, specifically, can revolutionize the way you cool your attic—by conserving energy and saving you money. Contact Energy Saving Pros today for more information on our 100% solar-powered attic fans!