Attic Fans for Homes

attic fans for homes

Attic Fans for Homes

Solar Attic Fans Are Great For Homes


Did you know that solar attic fans can be beneficial for your home during both the hot and cold seasons? Solar attic fans are beneficial for reducing the temperature in your attic during the summer, as well as for preventing moisture during the chilly winter months. At Energy Saving Pros, we understand how expensive cooling your home can be, as well as the impacts of mold and mildew in your home. Continue reading for more information on the benefits our 100% solar powered attic fans.


Why are Solar Attic Fans Beneficial for My Home?


  • Summer heating costs are costly! With our 100% Solar Powered Attic Fans, your attic can be cooled by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit! With attic temperatures often reaching 160 degrees Fahrenheit, our attic fans can create more ventilation and reduce the need for your AC unit to run as often (HGTV, 2019).
  • Even with proper insulation and vapor barriers, moisture can still make it into your home. Your light fixtures can have air leaks and your exhaust fans can also contribute to the moisture. Additionally, framing issues can also lead to mold, mildew, and rot! With our solar attic fans, you can eliminate moisture buildup!


The solar attic fans are 100% solar powered, meaning that no electricity is needed to power them during the day. They are easily adjusted for optimum exposure, they have no risk of water leaks, and are also pest-proof due to a stainless steel screen. Our attic fans work with almost all roofing systems and pitch styles, as they do not require any structural changes, wiring adjustments, or painting. Our attic fans are easy to install and save our clients money!

With the cooler months approaching, now is a great time to contact Energy Saving Pros for an estimate. Solar attic fans are designed to prevent damage from moisture and to help your air conditioning system work effectively, all of which save our clients money in the long run. In addition to these savings, our solar attic fans also qualify for federal solar tax credits.  If you would like a free quote, please give us a call at 866-497-6527 or use our Contact Form!



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