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Photovoltaic/Solar (PV) Services

Energy Savings Pros is an established Northern California photovoltaic/solar developer and installer, and has been voted ‘Best of the Best’ Electrical Contractor and Solar Installer by the 14,000+ Readers of the Rocklin Placer Herald for two years in a row. Certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), we’re committed to helping you save BIG money by going GREEN.


We’re proud to offer turnkey solar solutions to residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial and educational clients.


Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panel systems are a versatile energy solution that can save you money and electricity. Placed on either a rooftop or the ground, solar panels use rays from the sun to produce a current that is directly converted into electricity which can be used to power everything in your home or business.


At Energy Saving Pros, we’re experts at installing and maintaining ground-mounted solar panel systems. From large scale agricultural projects to commercial and residential locations, ground mounts are one of the best solutions for various solar applications. Unlike roof-top installations, you aren’t limited by shape and space, allowing for design flexibility that results in peak production and maximum solar efficiency. Our ground mount solar systems can be placed at the optimal height and angle to increase energy production year-round!


Solar-Powered Home Accessories

Solar power can be used to keep your home energy-efficient through a wide variety of applications.


In addition to solar PV systems, Energy Saving Pros offers solar attic fans to keep your home cool. All the money you spend to keep your house comfortable in the summer can be wasted if it escapes through your hot attic. Solar attic fans use the power of the sun to keep your attic cooler, ensuring the cooled air in your home stays where it belongs, between your walls!


You may also be interested in natural light tubes, which minimize your electric bill by brightening spaces with all-natural sunlight. An easy-to-install fixture directs the sun’s rays into your home, diffusing the room with soft, even lighting.


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