Saving the Environment with Solar Energy

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Saving the Environment with Solar Energy

As experts continue to assert that traditional energy generation methods are contributing to climate change, the “green” movement has gained strength. Now more than ever, people are pushing for the implementation of more environmentally friendly ways of generating energy and advancing society.

One increasingly popular avenue of creating energy is harnessing sunlight to generate electricity. Solar energy has the ability to power our advancements while maintaining the planet. Before you commit to oil, coal or natural gas to generate your energy, consider how many benefits accompany the installation of a few solar panels on your home or business.


Fossil fuels have been humanity’s main source of energy production for hundreds of years, but they’ve proven to be more harmful than helpful in the long run. Fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and oil produce immense quantities of air and water pollution, increasing the pace of climate change.

Solar panels, however, require no burning or processing to transform sunlight into energy, creating a pollution-free energy generation option. Solar energy, which produces no methane gas and requires no water cooling systems, reduces the global carbon footprint, creating a marked improvement in air and water quality.


The sun has been shining for billions of years and is only halfway through its life cycle. Fossil fuels, however, take millions of years to form under very particular conditions. Yet, the vast majority of the world’s energy is generated with fossil fuels. Why deplete an already relatively rare resource when we could simply turn to the sun, which shines whether we use its light to create electricity or not? The sun strikes the Earth with more energy in one hour than the whole world consumes in a year.  Using all the sun’s energy that comes our way to power our homes and businesses is a no-brainer.

Ease of Access

Accessing fossil fuels is nothing short of a massive undertaking. These fuels form underground and require dangerous mining, drilling and fracking, sometimes in fragile ecosystems, to bring them to the surface for use as resources. While these resources are being extracted, the equipment on the surface may put the surrounding habitat in danger. Oil spills, drill explosions and environmental disruptions are a very real possibility, potentially placing the local plants and animals in harm’s way.

Solar energy, though, is available wherever there’s a sunny spot. Solar panels aren’t intrusive or damaging to the environment and aren’t in danger of exploding or spilling dangerous, toxic fuels. Accessing what’s already there for the taking couldn’t get much easier.

Make the Switch to Solar Energy with Help from Energy Saving Pros

Transitioning from fossil fuels to solar panels in your own home or business doesn’t need to be a complicated task. With the right experts at your disposal, you’ll never even skip a beat. Residents and business owners of Loomis, CA can count on the renewable energy professionals at Energy Saving Pros for all their solar panel needs. Our skilled technicians will assist you in determining your energy goals and will recommend and install the perfect solar panel array. Contact us online or call 866-497-6527 to request your free quote today!