Prepare Your Solar Energy System for California Wildfire Season

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Prepare Your Solar Energy System for California Wildfire Season

Backup power is a necessity for solar-powered homes in California. During wildfire season, power outages are inevitable due to planned public safety shutoffs or destruction from wildfires. At Energy Saving Pros, we help California homeowners with solar power prepare for the 2022 wildfire season with battery backups and maintenance. We’ll help you find the solution that best protects your home during a power outage. 

Preparing Your Solar Panels for the 2022 Wildfire Season in California

Protect Your Home

Rooftop solar panels are required to meet certain fire codes before they can be installed in California. However, it’s still a good idea to strengthen your home against wildfires to reduce the chances of your home catching fire and causing any damage to your solar array. Using ember-resistant building materials, keeping your rain gutters clear, and having action and evacuation plans are a few ways you can protect your home and family this wildfire season. 

How Do Wildfires Impact Solar Panels?

Even if wildfires don’t reach your home, the smoke and ash from a burning wildfire can make your solar panels less efficient. Smoke blocks the sun, prohibiting your solar panels from generating electricity. 

Soot and ash can also build up on the surface of your panels, making it more difficult for your solar panels to absorb sunlight. Solar panel cleaning is another important component of our maintenance plans. Professional cleaning keeps your panels free of ash and soot for peak performance during wildfire season.  

The Importance of Solar Panel Maintenance During Wildfire Season

Malfunctioning solar panels could start a fire on your rooftop, which can be especially dangerous during wildfire season. It’s important to schedule regular solar panel maintenance several times a year to ensure that your solar panels perform safely and efficiently. If you sign up for our maintenance plans, we will inspect your solar panels, wiring, and mounting for damage and other issues.

Get Ready for Outages with Solar Backup Batteries

Luckily, solar backup batteries can prevent your panels from losing power due to power outages or buildup from smoke and ash. Any solar power that your home collects but doesn’t use gets stored in the backup battery. Your solar energy system then uses the stored power whenever your panels temporarily stop generating enough electricity to power your home. 

Year-Round Benefits of Solar Batteries

Investing in a battery backup will benefit your solar energy system all year long. Whether the power goes out from wildfires, storms, or high winds, a solar battery backup prevents your home from going dark at any time of year. Beyond providing backup power, there are also many other ways a battery backup can improve your solar energy system. 

Backup solar batteries can:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by pulling less energy from the grid
  • Be easy to control with smart home technology
  • Create zero noise pollution—they’re completely silent
  • Last 10 years or longer while requiring very little maintenance

Solar Panel Maintenance and Backup Batteries in Northern California

Are you ready for wildfire season in California? At Energy Saving Pros, we’re dedicated to helping residents in Sacramento and the surrounding areas save money and energy with a wide range of solar solutions. We provide professional solar installation and maintenance services to make your home or business more energy-efficient. We also install solar backup batteries at stabilized prices for protection during grid failures. Call 916-259-2501 today to get a free quote!

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