Maintaining Your Home’s Solar Panels

Hand with soft pink towel cleaning off dust from solar panel

Maintaining Your Home’s Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your home’s roofing is a small change that can make a big difference in your energy bill throughout the year. In addition to offering the “green” edge you’ve been looking for in your home, solar panels can also increase your home’s value and make you a more independent energy consumer. Once your panels are properly installed by a solar roofing expert, it’s time to protect your investment with attentive care and monitoring to ensure your solar panels remain as effective as possible. Follow two simple steps to keep your solar panels in mint condition and to continue saving money on energy.

Cleaning Up

Solar panels are modest, quiet and effective, making it easy to completely forget they’re there! Unfortunately, forgetting they exist can prevent them from operating at optimum efficiency. Just like the glass in your windows, the glass on your solar panels can easily collect dirt, grime, stains and debris throughout the year. Along with overgrown trees casting shadows on your roof, these obstructions can block the sunlight from reaching your panels, reducing your energy creation by a significant margin.

Depending upon the environment in which you live, your solar panels may have different cleaning needs. Desert homes may encounter more dust storms, but less roof debris than homes in forests, for example. Check your solar panels frequently to determine the best cleaning schedule for you. Some may choose to clean once a week, while others may clean monthly or every other month.

When you’re ready to clean, brush away any leaves, twigs or other debris that may be collecting along the outside of the panels. Your solar panels are delicate and require gentle cleaning to achieve the best results. Never use abrasive sponges, soaps or brushes to clean your panels as they may become scratched, reducing energy production. Using a biodegradable solar panel soap, create a cleaning solution in a bucket. Dip a soft brush into the solution and distribute it across the panels. Finally, you should immediately squeegee the panels dry to prevent stains or streaks that may compromise performance.

Monitor Performance

Like most home systems, your solar panels may hit an unnoticed roadblock that disrupts their usual energy production. Installing a panel monitoring system allows you to check on your panels whenever you’d like from the comfort of your computer or smart phone. When you notice a decrease in efficiency, you’ll know it’s time for some maintenance. If cleaning doesn’t address energy production issues it’s likely time to call in your local solar panel installation and maintenance professionals to diagnose and solve your efficiency problems.

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