Meet and Hear From Kelly Brothers at Our Seminar July 27th!

Coming up on July 27th, Energy Saving Pros is hosting an exclusive dinner at Cattlemen’s Restaurant in Roseville, CA. Kelly Brothers will be presenting: “Is solar the right investment for YOU?” If you are a homeowner and have ever wondered if solar makes sense for your family, join us and get the answers you have been searching for. Kelly Brothers, business and financial analyst for News Talk 1530 KFBK and Energy Saving Pros’ Spokesperson, will be there along with our representatives to answer any questions that you may have. We also will be hosting a raffle for exciting prizes!


Cattlemen's restaurant


As you listen to Kelly, you will enjoy a FREE dinner for two at Cattlemen’s restaurant. If you haven’t experienced Cattlemen’s for yourself yet, it is widely known as the “Best Steak In The West”.  Enjoy a delicious meal as you learn about how solar can save you BIG.


inside cattlemens


Kelly will be addressing three important topics, including solar investment return, green energy investments, and benefits to purchasing solar vs leasing solar. He will explain that going solar will save you BIG on energy in the long run by cutting the cost of your electric bill. California electric rates increase on average over 6% per year, and PG&E has been approved for stepped rate increases of over 16% the next three years. This means traditional electric bills are guaranteed to increase in the next few years, making solar an even better investment financially.


Solar graph


He will also explain how we can help you save money on your energy bill with other whole-home efficiency solutions. We at Energy Saving Pros can help with more than just solar– we can provide the complete package for energy saving solutions, including upgraded insulation and highly effective LED lighting.

Lastly, Kelly will explain why purchasing your solar system makes more sense than leasing it as a homeowner. Solar adds value to your home, making it even easier to sell if you decide to in the future.

Join us along with Kelly Brothers to see whether solar is the right investment for you. We will be there to answer your questions. Enjoy a delicious dinner for two AND have a chance to win raffle prizes! We hope to see you there. Please be sure to RSVP as soon as possible to reserve your spot.