How Our Insulation Can Help With Allergies

Allergies in your home

How Our Insulation Can Help With Allergies

Our new Insulation division can do more than just keep a comfortable temperature in your home. One of the most exciting benefits of our insulation products is the relief from allergies that they provide. About 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies every year – that’s one out of five people in the United States. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, more people suffer from allergies than all other major diseases combined.

insulation allergies - old

Old Insulation Causes Dirty Airflow

Our insulation upgrades can help with seasonal allergies in four different ways. The first three are immediate and short-term solutions, but effective none the less. The first step in our installation process is to remove the old insulation with a high-powered vacuum. Although an unpleasant topic, it is important to realize how many pollutants, bacteria, pollen and animal feces have collected in your attic insulation over the years. Think about how many particles of this dirty air have leaked inside of your home by unwanted airflow from the attic coming through the ceiling. Your family is likely breathing this dirty air every day without realizing it. Also, animals have likely burrowed their way through the insulation to make homes for themselves without you knowing.

If someone that lives with you suffers from outdoor allergies at least once a year, you can imagine how much more they may be effected from years of pollen collecting above the ceiling. Getting the old insulation out of your home is really beneficial for eliminating these air particles and starting fresh.

insulation allergies - vents

Industrial Cleaning of Vents

The second short-term solution that can help limit pollens in the air of your home is to clean the vents. This is something that we do during every insulation process. Although this seems like a very simple step, it is extremely important and beneficial for those with allergies. We use the latest technology to clean your vents at each end to make sure that contamination does not linger and get blown back into your home. This keeps the air even more breathable for your family.

insulation allergies - new

New and Clean Insulation

The third short-term solution is to install blow-in insulation after removing the old insulation. Blow-in cellulose is a very common and cost-effective way to insulate your home. It is a cotton-like material that is made of either fiber glass or recycled materials. The cellulose insulation that we install is fresh and clean, which will provide relief from dirty air and allergens for years to come. The combination of starting with a clean slate by removing the old insulation and installing fresh blow-in insulation will surely help allergy victims breathe easier.

insulation allergies - polyurethane

Polyurethane Protects You Well

The fourth and permanent solution is to install Polyurethane foam spray. Polyurethane is a completely anti-microbial foam that we spray in the inside of your home (usually the attic) to keep all moisture, air, and animals out of your home. This is one of our most revolutionary products. The foam has an industry leading R-value per inch, which means that the material’s ability to resist heat flow is extremely efficient. Therefore, in the summer the heat from the sun will be blocked from coming in through the roof to the inside of the home, and in the cooler months your heating will not escape out of the roof either.

insulation allergies - mold

Moisture Resistant

The fact that polyurethane is moisture-resistant is extremely important as well, as this will be important for the comfort of your home but it will also protect the building structure itself. Too much moisture causes rot, mold, mildew and structural deterioration, and polyurethane foam shields the home from all of these risks. This also protects the health of your family by preventing the inhalation of mold.

insulation allergies - animals

Don’t Share Your Attic

When the foam dries, its surface is hard and does not allow animals to burrow through the material the way other types of insulation do. This can give you piece of mind knowing that your home is not being shared with creatures that can cause allergies and leave behind bacteria and feces. Traditional bat insulation often carries these unsavory animal trails. Polyurethane solves this problem, keeping the air clean and healthy for your loved ones.

We at Energy Saving Pros believe that problems with the air quality and temperature within a home need a solution to the root of the problem. Additional allergy medicine is one of the many band-aids that most of us turn to first, but we at ESP intend to go deeper with our solution by improving the home from the inside out with insulation. We can take away your current dirty insulation and install fresh, clean, and even anti-microbial insulation that will bring your family highly sought-after relief from allergies.