How Long Will a New Roof Last?

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How Long Will a New Roof Last?

Before addressing the roofing problem on your house, you’re going to want to hammer out some details. Does the roof need repairing or does it need a complete replacement? And if you do need a replacement, just exactly how long does a roof last? At Energy Saving Pros, serving Northern California, we are experts when it comes to roofing—whether you need repairs, an inspection, or a new roof installed. 

Climate is a big factor in determining how long your roof will last.


Not all shingles are created equal. And some require upkeep every year. Asphalt shingles are seen throughout California, and Sacramento is no exception. While driving through Glenwood Colonial or Las Flores you may have noticed some other roof types, like ones made from clay tiles. Clay tiles can last over 50 years and have a great aesthetic appeal. This is a vast difference from asphalt shingles. 


An asphalt roof could last for 15 years in a sunny place like Sacramento. Sun is asphalt’s worst enemy. Your roof could be battling this 269 days a year here. There are premium asphalt shingles that potentially last another ten years. And asphalt tiles are a great option when it comes to affordability. 


But how long does a roof last if it’s made of slate or metal? 

Understanding roofing types will help you calculate how long your roof will last. 

Storms are another thing to contend with in Sacramento. Rain, hail, and wind are not kind to your roof. Slate tiles can last the longest of any material, 75 years or more! They also come in a variety of colors. Some say this is the best roof money can buy. 


Metal roofs also have fantastic longevity. They fall in the 40-70 year range. If you’re worried about California storms, a metal roof will provide peace of mind. They can withstand strong winds, up to 140 miles per hour. Another great benefit, especially for a homeowner in sunny Sacramento, is the energy efficiency. Metal reflects solar heat! This equals a cooler house and savings on your energy bills. 

Do you live in an urban area? Cool roofs are probably on your mind then! 

With their energy-efficient design, cool roofs reflect heat away from your home and work to prevent the “heat island” effect that is common in dense neighborhoods. 


Increased heat from darker shingles will mean more energy is being used to cool your home. To avoid this, you can install a cool roof which has a highly reflective and highly emittant surface. 


This means less heat will be absorbed and what is absorbed will quickly leave. 


We here at Energy Savings Pros can install a roof for you that is compliant with Title 24 standards where each cool roof shingle color is tested and approved by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). You can rest assured that your new roof will meet performance standards required to be labeled as a cool roof. 


Relax and enjoy the savings on your air conditioning bill! 

Energy Savings Pros can replace an old roof with modern, durable materials.  

Energy Savings Pros knows that you need a roof that will be reliable throughout the years. Our team provides solutions for homeowners and businesses alike, protecting you against even the heaviest storms and the hottest days. 


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