Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panels

solar panels

Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panels


Solar power is the world’s best answer to the question of clean and sustainable energy. Did you know that—just 50 years ago—solar power was only used by NASA? Nowadays, solar power can be found all across California and the United States—in homes, business, and on farms. Solar technology is now used in myriad ways—from powering satellites to smart cars. But how do solar panels work? Our team at Energy Saving Pros in Northern California wants to give you the lowdown on solar panels, so you can make an informed, sustainable energy decision for your home, farm, or business.


How Do Photovoltaic Solar Panels Work?

Solar power is typically put to use through the use of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. Photovoltaic panels convert our pure California sunshine into electricity using the photoelectric effect. The materials in the panels absorb photons of light, then release electrons. An electric current is generated that can be used to power your home. This process was discovered in 1839 by a French physicist named Edmund Becquerel. Over time, other scientists, including Albert Einstein, took this information and built upon it. Once the technology became affordable, people began using solar energy to power their businesses and homes.



How Can Solar Energy Save Me Money?

Once you’ve purchased the panels and paid for the installation, you won’t spend a single cent on the electricity they produce. While the initial investment may seem high, your system will pay for itself over time with reduced energy bills and tax credits. Your home, complete with a solar power system, will be more marketable when it’s time to sell, without increasing property taxes!


How Much Maintenance Do Solar Panels Require? 

Solar panels require very little maintenance throughout their lifetime. The glass, silicon and metal components are designed to last through all kinds of weather. And there are no moving parts to break. The most you’ll have to do to maintain your panels is to ensure they’re free of dust, pollen, leaves, and other debris. You’ll also need to trim branches that may get in the way of your panels and brush off any heavy snow that doesn’t slide off on its own. Anything that is obstructing your panels will reduce energy efficiency. In the rare event that something does go wrong, our solar panels come with a warranty. 


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Photo by Asia Chang on Unsplash