Enjoy Summer Energy Savings with Solar!

summer energy savings

Enjoy Summer Energy Savings with Solar!

With summertime quickly approaching, there is no better time to consider the benefits of going solar! Solar power reduces your environmental impact and saves you money by providing clean, renewable, sustainable energy for your home, but what about during the intense heat of summer? During summertime, most of us watch electricity rates and our energy bills rise right along with the temperature. Decreasing your home cooling costs during the summer can feel like an impossible feat. Our team at Energy Saving Pros knows that powering your home with solar can give you significant summer energy savings. Let us work with your unique home needs to design and install a system that works for your home—and your wallet!


Summer Energy Savings with Solar

As you are well aware, June, July and August are the hottest months of the year in the northern hemisphere. This is because, during summer, the earth is tilted in such a way that California (and the entire northern hemisphere) is in the most direct path of the blazing sun. This can mean big energy bills for homeowners, especially because electricity rates are actually higher in the summer. Your air conditioner often runs up to twice as long each day in the summer to keep your home cool and comfortable. The longer and harder your air conditioning system has to work, the more electricity you will use—and pay for! 

Summertime bills can be steep, but going solar will keep you cool with more money in your pocket. The direct sunlight of summer is pure golden energy for homeowners who have gone solar. Your solar panels will soak up longer periods and greater amounts of peak sunlight during summer months, meaning they will produce more energy and lower your household energy bills. Summer will be here before you know it! In fact, days are already feeling much longer and temperatures are starting to rise. This is a great time to go solar!


Save Money, Despite the Solar Panel Temperature Coefficient

Solar panels are most efficient when the surface temperature of each panel is between 67-95ºF.  As summertime temperatures rise to about 95ºF, solar panels begin to lose their efficiency in small increments—degree by degree. Studies have shown, however, that a smartly designed solar panel system still saves homeowners money on cooling costs—regardless of the temperature coefficient. This means homeowners have nothing to lose by going solar for the summer—and savings to gain!

Summer Is A Great Time to Install Solar

Homeowners all over California are choosing to offset their energy consumption and save money with solar—during the summertime and all year round. Why not request your free quote with Energy Saving Pros today and take advantage of big summer energy savings with solar!