How Energy Efficient Are You? Take the quiz!

Aug 16, 2016

Some of us live extremely energy efficient lives. Part of it is just circumstantial– the number of cars that our household owns, how many people make up our household, whether we have the opportunity to take public transportation, etc. But a large part of it is the habits that we have adopted to prevent the waste of both money and energy. Those that belong to this category take short showers, use lights only where and when it is necessary, and they do not blast the heating and cooling in their homes when they can help it.

Others of us don’t give a second thought to our green thumbprint. We live our daily life with what is comfortable and convenient. While it is a common lifestyle, it is important that this category of people realize there are things they can do to improve their efficiency that will be easy and may take less time in the long run.

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By Kayla Rabbich

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