Choosing the Best Residential HVAC System

residential HVAC system

Choosing the Best Residential HVAC System

The cost of residential HVAC systems will vary greatly depending on the needs of the household, the size and type of house, and whether or not an existing system can be upgraded. Get the best HVAC system for your home by consulting a professional at Energy Saving Pros in Sacramento. We’ll help you find the right HVAC solution to fit your energy goals and your budget. Our mission is to save you money by making your home as energy efficient as possible.

Types of Residential HVAC Systems

  • Central Air Conditioning operates on a split system that uses ductwork to circulate air throughout the house. An outdoor condenser and compressor work in tandem with fan-and-coil interior ductwork. A refrigerant circulates between the indoor coil and the outdoor compressor to cool the air inside the ducts. In this type of system, one thermostat controls the entire house.
  • Split Ductless Systems also use an outdoor condenser and compressor, but they do not require ductwork. In split ductless systems the power cable, refrigerant tubing, and condensate drain all run through the same narrow conduit. That conduit connects to multiple interior wall units that conduct cool air inside. You can set the temperature in each room with a remote control. Split ductless systems feel just like central air and are best for homes that can’t accommodate ductwork.
  • Single-Stage Systems operate continuously at full capacity to provide maximum climate control and stability. If you need to keep your home environment at a constant, set temperature, single-stage systems are your best option. However, this type of system uses the most energy.
  • Multi-Stage Systems have variable fan speeds that allow you to lower the speed and use less energy on mild days when you don’t need as much air conditioning. If you want to turn down the AC or shut it off entirely whenever the weather is nice, multi-stage systems offer that energy-saving alternative.
  • Zoned Systems control which areas of your house get cooled and help you save on your energy bill by blocking airflow to rooms you aren’t using. Do you only need AC in your bedroom at night, or in your sunny office during weekday afternoons? If you only want AC where you’re using it, zoned systems will work best for you.
  • Humidity Control offers the option to install a humidifier or dehumidifier into your HVAC system. Balancing the humidity in your home can be a feat in the Northern California climate. If the air in your home is too damp or too dry, consider adding humidity control to your HVAC system.

Load Calculation

The main factor to consider when choosing a residential HVAC system is the load that your system will bear. An HVAC system’s load is calculated based on its size, cooling capacity, efficiency, and maintenance requirements. A professional contractor can recommend the best type of system for your home. Bigger isn’t necessarily better—a smaller system that runs efficiently will do the same job as a large one, while using far less energy. 


New HVAC systems operate far more efficiently than older ones, so upgrading is always a good idea if you want to cut down on your energy costs. If your home already has ductwork in place, retrofitting an existing HVAC system can help you save on installation costs as well as your energy bill. Before you purchase a new system, consult an expert at Energy Saving Pros about upgrading your current system. Our expert installers have over twenty years of experience and understand all types of retro HVAC systems. If your existing ductwork is the right size and in the right location, retrofitting might be the most economical option.


Every HVAC system requires regular maintenance, some types more than others. Performing seasonal inspections and keeping an HVAC system clean and well-maintained will ensure optimum efficiency. Regular tune-ups to seal ducts and add or replace insulation will lessen the load on your HVAC system and guarantee that you aren’t wasting any energy. Energy Saving Pros offers HVAC maintenance contracts as well as repairs to keep your HVAC in top operating condition.

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