Celebrities Going “Green” at Home

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Celebrities Going “Green” at Home

Many celebrities use their star power to raise awareness on global issues, from the refugee crisis to global warming. One key issue celebrities have chosen to support is living sustainably. Although million dollar mansions tend to be the norm when it comes to celebrity lifestyles, many still practice the sustainable living practices for which they advocate by renovating their homes with sustainable features.

Here are some celebrities who’ve implemented sustainable features in their home renovations.

Celebrities “Green” Home Renovations

  • Daryl Hannah – An actor and avid environmentalist, Daryl Hannah lives off the grid in a humble two-bedroom, two-bath bungalow hideaway in Malibu, California. The house is equipped with energy-efficient radiant heat flooring, which is designed to evenly heat the home, reducing power usage significantly.1
  • Jessica Alba – Actor Jessica Alba is a green entrepreneur when she’s not starring in films. Her eco-friendly retailer, The Honest Company, offers environmentally friendly products, many of which Alba uses herself in her own home. Alba installed a vertical garden in her home and repurposes vintage pieces in her spare time, giving them a second life.
  • Maroon 5 – Maroon 5’s eco-advocacy travels with them on the road when they’re on tour. The group uses biodiesel-powered tour buses, which act as their home on the road. They also promote recycling at all their concert venues, proving no matter where they go, they treat places like their own, green homes.2
  • Brad Pitt – This Hollywood heartthrob is at the forefront of sustainable living, providing 150 ecofriendly homes built by his Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans. Not only are his residences environmentally friendly, they are also built with advanced features to withstand strong winds and floods.
  • Adrian Grenier – Former “Entourage” actor Adrian Grenier lives a modest life compared to his character on the show. Grenier’s home is solar powered and hosts a show called “Alter Eco,” which focuses on people’s efforts to make changes that benefit the environment. Grenier also works on SHFT, a website advocating green lifestyles through traditional and social media.

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