What Does Carbon Footprint Mean?

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What Does Carbon Footprint Mean?

The Carbon Footprint is the specific measurement of the total amount of carbon dioxide and methane emissions in set boundaries of a specific population, system or interest. These carbon dioxide emissions measurements may be individually- or collectively-accrued by all of humanity.

Greenhouse gases are commonly emitted through land clearance (such as controlled burns) or through the production processes that make or provide food, fuels, buildings, transportation and other services. In the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are mostly attributed to the burning of fossil fuels, which are currently integral to maintain the operation of our transportation services.

Reducing humanity’s carbon footprint requires the presence of mind to consciously utilize sustainable disposal and energy creation methods, such as recycling and the development of wind or solar energy.

How Sustainable Solar Energy Reduces CO2 Emissions

Solar energy is a fantastic alternative to fossil fuels as it harnesses the power of sunlight, an inexhaustible resource, and emits no greenhouse gases, drastically reducing the individual and collective Carbon Footprint. Using solar energy takes nothing away from the environment as opposed to fossil fuels, a finite resource — the mining and use of which cause damage to the environment. The installation of solar panels contributes minutely to your Carbon Footprint, but the effects are minuscule in comparison to those of fossil fuels. The clean energy production that follows more than makes up for any pollution resulting from fabrication and installation.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates if the U.S. installed a capacity of 100 GW of solar power by 2030, the nation could avoid as much as 100,995,293 tons of CO2 emissions by replacing coal and natural gas with solar power. People who install solar panels at home reduce electricity demands on the grid, allowing those still on the grid to use electricity without fear of blackouts or brownouts.

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