Can Your Business Save with Commercial Solar Battery Storage?

commercial solar battery storage

Can Your Business Save with Commercial Solar Battery Storage?

Wondering whether solar is right for your business? Commercial solar battery storage will not only keep your business powered during blackouts, it will also reduce your energy bills. Solar is a long-term investment with benefits that pay off for thirty years or more. Save money by going green! Energy Saving Pros will get you set up with the best photovoltaic system for your business. 

Power through Blackouts

Unexpected outages from wildfires, high winds, and storms that knock out the grid are becoming more and more common. Your business doesn’t have to suffer because of grid failures. When you invest in commercial solar battery storage, you’ll always have electricity during blackouts. Keep your air conditioning, refrigeration systems, and essential equipment running with solar backup power. 

Save with Commercial Solar Battery Storage

Producing your own power improves your cash flow by locking in your energy costs. Savings from solar are huge in the long run. Solar panel installations have a minimum lifespan of 25 years—they’re built to last. Solar pays for itself over time. Most businesses can recoup their investment within three years. From roof-mounted systems and ground arrays to small PV modules, Energy Saving Pros offers competitive pricing on systems of any size.

Get It While It’s Hot

The California Public Utilities Commission has extended the rebate program for energy storage systems. They have authorized over $1 billion dollars in rebates for solar battery storage installations through 2024. Prices will increase along with demand, so if you’re ready to go solar, call Energy Saving Pros today. You can offset the upfront cost of solar dramatically with the California SGIP rebates and our zero-down financing options. 

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Solar power solutions are easy to find when you go with Energy Saving Pros. We are committed to helping California businesses save big on their energy bills! Our experts will help you choose the right commercial solar battery storage for your needs and your budget. We service all of Northern California, from Greater Sacramento to the San Francisco Bay area. Request a free quote from our Energy Advisors today!


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash