Businesses Tax Deductions for HVAC Improvements and Repairs

AC outdoor unit being installed on the roof

Businesses Tax Deductions for HVAC Improvements and Repairs

Did you know that improving your commercial building’s energy efficiency will not only help you reduce your utility bills, it can also reduce your taxes? Energy Saving Pros specializes in helping local businesses reduce their energy costs! We can help you improve your building’s efficiency with HVAC maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Read on to learn more about how HVAC improvements can help you pay less taxes in 2021.

Section 179D Energy Efficiency Tax Deductions

If you make improvements to your commercial building’s heating, cooling, ventilation, or hot water systems that reduce your energy costs, you can claim a Section 179D tax deduction. Improving energy efficiency by 50% or more will allow you to claim the maximum deduction of $1.80 per square foot. 

Smaller deductions are available for HVAC installations, improvements, maintenance, or repairs that reduce your building’s energy costs by 10% or more. Your building will need to meet the minimum requirements set by ASHRAE Standard 90.1. To calculate your cost savings, you’ll need to use government-approved computer software when you file your claim.

HVAC Maintenance and Repairs from Energy Saving Pros

Regular HVAC maintenance and repairs will help you improve energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. We carry all our own diagnostic equipment and will complete all of our work in accordance with industry and national standards. We offer regular service agreements as well as one-off repairs and maintenance for HVAC systems of any size.

Biannual, Preseason Unit Preparation

HVAC systems should be cleaned at least twice a year to get rid of dirt, dust, fungus, and other buildup. It’s also important to inspect your HVAC systems for any damage caused by disuse or temperature fluctuations. Biannual maintenance will keep your HVAC systems operating at peak efficiency, so you aren’t wasting any energy.

Annual HVAC Inspections and Tuneups

The more efficient your HVAC system is, the less energy it will need to operate. We will inspect your entire heating and cooling system for damage, rust, leaks, and dirty buildup, check the refrigerant pressure and the electrical connections. Clean conduits combined with tune-ups to seal and insulate your ductwork will guarantee that you aren’t wasting any energy. 

Repair and Preventative Maintenance

You can prevent breakdowns and lower your utility bills with regular maintenance from Energy Saving Pros. 

Replacing worn out components and air filters will extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems and improve their energy efficiency. If your system needs repairs, we’ll ask for your approval before proceeding.

Learn More about Our Energy Saving Solutions

The experts at Energy Saving Pros are dedicated to helping Northern California businesses find affordable energy saving solutions. Our technicians will help you maximize efficiency and lower your energy costs so you can claim the Section 179D Energy Efficiency tax deduction. Besides HVAC maintenance and repairs, we also offer insulation, ventilation, and roofing repair services, solar panel installation and more. Call 916-259-2501 to get a quote today!