5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Solar Energy

your business should use Solar Energy

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Solar Energy

While you may not have even considered if your business should use solar energy, you would do well to take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. Here are five reasons why your business needs to go solar.

1. Improves Your Cash Flow

Producing renewable solar energy will save you money on your current utility bill. This will help your cash flow immediately. So turn on your savings now and improve your cash flow.

2. Locks in Your Cost of Energy

On average, electricity rates in California have increased around 5.5% each year since 1971. Solar energy can protect your business against this continual rate of inflation. If you lock in your electricity rates with solar energy, you can start saving immediately.

3. Solar Energy Actually Pays for Itself

Your solar energy system is guaranteed to pay for itself through tax and utility savings. We have many commercial, agricultural, and municipal clients whose savings are astounding. Oftentimes, they break even on their initial purchase in less than 3-4 years! When you switch to solar, you’ll be producing pure, clean, green energy for the next 30+ years. For most of that time, you’ll actually be saving money.

4. Solar Energy System Prices Are Increasing

Solar prices have been continually rising after bottoming out previously. There is a diminishing supply of panels, and material costs are increasing. These factors are contributing to price increases. The longer you wait to switch over to solar, the more it will end up costing you later.

5. Zero Down Financing

Financing is available with numerous zero down options. When it comes to financing your solar project, we have extensive expertise in helping our clients decide on which options are best for them—whether it is a straight purchase, a long term lease, or a power purchase agreement. Our streamlined financing process can help your business return cash flow immediately.

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Photo by Asia Chang on Unsplash 09/18/2019