How Your Business Can Benefit from Commercial Solar

benefits of solar power for business

How Your Business Can Benefit from Commercial Solar

If you own a business that’s committed to going green but has a tight budget, you should consider commercial solar services. Solar power is an affordable, long-term investment that will reduce your energy costs and provide plenty of other benefits for your business. 

At Energy Saving Pros, we help California business owners save money and energy with commercial solar power solutions that fit their budgets. Continue reading to learn about the various benefits solar power offers for business owners.  

Five Benefits of Commercial Solar for Your Business

1: Solar Saves Money

Installing solar panels can help your business save money in several ways. For example, using solar energy leads to lower electricity bills. Although you have to pay for the solar installation upfront, you can earn back what you paid within three to five years after the installation. 

Because solar panels can last at least 25 years, you can expect a good return on your investment through long-term savings. Over time, these savings will free up your cash flow, and you’ll have more to spend on better equipment, hiring new employees, and other factors that will help you grow your business. 

2: Solar Batteries Protect You from Power Outages

Even though you become your own energy provider when you switch to solar power, your business will have to connect to the grid. Solar panels require electricity to be able to generate power from sunlight, which is why solar panels don’t work at night or during power outages, unless you have a backup energy storage system.

If your business requires power when the sun goes down, you can send excess electricity back to the grid and receive a credit that pays the cost to use the grid at night, which is called net metering. However, if the grid loses power during the day or night, so does your business. Luckily, solar batteries can ensure that your business remains powered even when the grid is down. 

Solar batteries are a backup energy storage system that saves the excess energy your solar panels generate during the day. That energy can then be used during grid power outages or at night after the sun goes down. 

3: Federal Investment Tax Credits

The federal investment tax credit can help make investing in solar panels and backup batteries even more affordable. This credit covers a percentage of the cost of the installation of residential or commercial solar equipment, however, that percentage decreases each year. 

There is a 26% tax credit until the end of 2022, which decreases to 22% in 2023 and to 10% in 2024, so it can actually save you money to go solar sooner rather than later. The tax credit only applies to the year in which the installation began, so as long as you get started in 2022, your panels will still be eligible for the 26% tax credit.

4: California Solar Incentive Program Rebates

The California Public Utilities Commission offers the Self Generation Incentive Program through 2024. This program offers a rebate to eligible business owners and homeowners that install a solar battery backup system. The funding from this program helps critical facilities and low-income communities in California to prepare for wildfire season and the planned power outages that come with it.

5: Solar Reduces Your Environmental Impact

In 2020, electricity generation in the U.S. caused 1.55 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Solar power reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that electricity generation emits by reducing the need for fossil fuels to power homes and businesses. Going green reduces your environmental impact, which will attract more customers who see that your business shares their values. 

Commercial Solar in the Greater Sacramento Area

Large and small California businesses alike can experience the many benefits of commercial solar services from the professionals at Energy Saving Pros. Whether you’re interested in solar backup batteries or just an array of solar panels, we can help you find the solar solution that works best for your business. We also offer customized zero-down financing options to help minimize the upfront cost of your installation. Give us a call at 916-259-2501 today to request a free quote. 

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