4 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

facts about solar energy

4 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Over the past decade, solar has become a mainstream way for everyday homeowners to provide power to their homes. By simply installing photovoltaic panels on their homes, families everywhere are harnessing the natural energy of the sun—converting it into usable power for their homes.

Solar power has never been so accessible, and Energy Saving Pros, serving Northern California, is here to provide you with all of your solar needs. Not only is solar power gentle on the earth, but it allows homeowners to save big money on monthly utility costs. Making the switch is simple! Want to know more about going solar? Keep reading for 4 interesting facts about solar energy. 

1. Solar is exploding in popularity!

With its rapidly growing popularity, the cost of solar has declined by nearly 70 percent in the past decade. Well over 2 million solar energy systems have been installed in the U.S. by now, and that number is expected to double in the next three years. Solar is the fastest growing energy resource in the world!

2. Solar is affordable and abundant.

In fact, solar power is the most affordable and most abundant energy source on earth! Solar power beats fossil fuels in cost-effectiveness by a long shot! It is also more affordable than other renewable energy—wind power. Solar is the world’s most abundant source of power because the sun is our most consistent source of energy.

3. Solar can power your home around the clock.

Many homeowners hesitate to go solar because they think cloudy days and nighttime will affect the power supply to their homes. This is, perhaps, the biggest reason why people do not choose solar—however, new technology is making this concern obsolete. As innovation and competition increase, the cost of solar storage is dropping. Homeowners can now purchase solar storage systems that keep their homes running on solar day and night. This allows homeowners to become completely energy independent.

4. Solar pays for itself!

Homeowners can reach a break-even point with solar in as little as 3 years. While the cost of solar has dropped, the cost of grid electricity has continued to rise. The concept of the solar “break-even point” has become a big selling point for going solar. This means most homeowners are now seeing payback periods between 7-8 years, which includes savings estimates of at least $20,000 over 20 years of solar usage. For homeowners in states where utility prices are higher, some homeowners are seeing break-even points in as little as 3-4 years. What a deal!

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